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See how Trax provided some great innovations to the below projects. The team at RES are all about consistent results and continuous improvement, we take pride in listening to our users to understand their needs and resolve their issues

July 2021

South Eastern Program Alliance - Manchester Mooroolbark

Occupation INF-WE-03
The weekend occupation event at SEPA provided a great opportunity to undertake a live trial of the Trax platform and digital construction and commissioning capacity.

Trax was used by signalling testing and construction teams to log works complete, generate reports and digitally sign QA documents - all digital records viewable to the project management team. After the event it provides a secure digital archive to refer back to or audit for the project team or ATO - a real improvement over filing paper based records.

In the lead into the event the team at RES worked closely with end users to enhance the required functionality such as around test log requirements and improving the CTC (QA) document handling.

Further digital works are being explored in the near future - watch this space!

April 2021

North West Program Alliance - Glenroy

Occupation GRY-3 (9 days)
The Trax shadow trialled the digital Testing and Commissioning (T&C) features such as:
-Asset and Work instruction database
-Digital Form (PDF) signing
-CTC (QA) Sign off
-Event planning and work instruction step assignment to teams
-System monitoring and reporting in real time

This provided benefits to teams such as traceability of signed off steps (name, date and time stamped) and status of asset work instructions, easily located the assets on the integrated GIS map feature.


Caulfield to Dandenong Project - Inner

Caulfield to Southern Cross and MURL
The Inner area of CTD passed through inner Melbourne rail network which contains many complex junctions and many interlockings, each site raised a new set of challenges for the project. Trax provided a digital solution to help manage these challenges and a source of truth for the site teams, from collecting the asset data from the field, assigning tasks to teams in the "Event" feature and handover and closeout.
A great example of how the Trax features and benefits helped the project achieve its objectives


Caulfield to Dandenong Project - Outer

Dandenong > Pakenham East
This was one of the biggest single signalling commissionings ever completed in a single occupation. Trax was used to help manage Signalling Construction - the project was split into 3 digital sub-projects over 30km of railway to define limits from design packages and contractors undertaking the installation. Having a separate sub-project for each contractor loaded with all assets and cables off the latest designs allowed real time monitoring of actual construction status, tracking of defects, serial numbers and GPS coordinates with supporting photos organised simply pinned to the assets within the app. Contractors progress claims were validated against the data within the app.
A real challenge with managing a project of this scale maintaining a source of truth on all the assets and defects, Trax provided the fact based evidence needed.

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