Product Overview

Learn more about the platform, main features and benefits

Monitor Progress in Realtime

Track and report on progress vs plan or issues with live exportable data

Find what you're looking for

Assets are pinned on a interactive Google maps interface which links to the asset information and photos

Get started in minutes

Import data from your existing registers with bulk upload

Digital Forms - PDF

Populate custom digital forms and signed off and saved securely within app

  • Getting Going

  • Access on any device - Native performance on Web, iPhone, iPad and Android devices - hosted on Google and Apple app stores
    Any device access Web, Apple, Android
  • Project information can be added with bulk upload feature from existing asset take-offs via spreadsheets including assets, cables, work instructions
    Get started in minutes
  • Staff user accounts are loaded with hand marked up signatures, RIW number and allocated a role for the project
    Users secure digital signatures
  • Project setup

  • Live Asset and cable database with useful filters and searching to locate the asset required
    Expandable and searchable asset database
  • Create and manage work instructions across Construction, Testing and Certification that describe exactly what your staff or contractors are required to do. All work instruction steps are locked to the workers competency
    Digital Work instructions - apply to any discipline
  • Design and Create PDF forms for exporting asset and works data in ATO or your company standard formats. PDFs are digitally and securely completed by the app can be exported and supplied to client to comply with current processes and regulations
    Digital Forms - PDF
  • Document storage means - all design drawings, reports and typical drawings have a home within the app available at any time
    Design and document storage
  • Events

  • Create and plan a works event - flexible to cover all works types such as periods of dayworks, or a short occupation or a major shut, event parameters can be defined in the app
    Plan and resource delivery events
  • Track and report on progress in the event with live statistics on manhours complete across construction, testing and certification
    Monitor Progress in Realtime
  • Live works feed records all changes in the app, from works in the field so any changes can be easily monitored
    Live feed to monitor changes
  • Work instructions can be assigned to individual workers or teams, assigned tasks appear on a workers Trax Dashboard
    Workers receive assigned tasks
  • Delivery

  • Google Maps integration to identify the location of each asset and get travel directions on how to get there
    Find what you're looking for
  • Issues, Defects, test logs can be raised digitally and managed to closeout with all closeout collateral directly uploaded into the app
    Tracking of issues, logs and defects
  • Discussion feature - users can conduct all project specific chat / clarifications within the app for future reference on any directions, can tag individuals or assets
    In app team discussions