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Digitise and automate your railway works.

We help Rail Transport Operators, Project Managers and Contractors save time, paperwork and allocate resources with maximum efficiency.

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Monitor your 'Project Pulse' in real time with the Trax live dashboard

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Never get lost with GIS and mapping service

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Keep your project team moving with event planning and resource scheduling

Mobile, Safe, Secure, Simple

Trax saves your team time and paperwork by centralising Railway project engineering records and field tasks on a mobile friendly application which provides you with a real time project pulse, consisting of unbiased site data and actionable insights.

Rail Transport Operator or Client

✓ Transparent real time status of projects
✓ Satisfy regulator assurance with traceability
✓ Faster Handover of information
✓ Support Data-Driven Decision-Making (DDDM)
✓ Consistent reporting of works

Project Managers & Engineers

✓ Quick to setup (bulk upload)
✓ Streamline planning and work assignment
✓ Live dashboard reporting
✓ Faster assessment of progress claims and program status
✓ Flexible - Satisfy rail operator QA needs

Contractors Construction / commissioning

✓ Key project info and documents available
✓ Secure digital signatures
✓ Save time managing your teams
✓ Deliver faster and invoice faster
✓ Centralise tracking issues and defects

See how Trax will help your project

From small crossing upgrades, to large rail infrastructure projects, find out how Trax can allow your whole project to stay connected to achieve fast, accurate and effective outcomes.